Bruce Wigton

I  have been a residential designer for over 31 years.    I have always enjoyed rising to the challenge of matching the needs of the client, the constraints of the building site and the insight of good design principles to achieve a successful building project.

I  design around  the sun’s impacts whether in Colorado, New Mexico, California or Hawaii.  Solar design for light or energy conservation is an element I strive to include.  I do not have any particular “style” that I adhere too.  I am always looking for new green building materials, ways to reduce wasted floor area and building costs, basically responsible aesthetic design that makes sense in today’s economy.  The most repeated response I hear from my clients is that I listen and make the design process unexpectedly enjoyable.

After graduating from Colorado University in Boulder Colorado with a bachelor of Environmental Design, Bruce wanted to gain real hands on experience working as a laborer for a construction company.  The start of Wigton Design soon followed.  Attending the masters in architecture program at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo California, Bruce also worked as the sole designer for another construction company.  Putting on the tool bags and assisting the construction of houses he designed while also attending graduate school was the most beneficial experience he could have had, to be a competent designer.  Bruce also spent two years building his own personal home in Durango Colorado performing every aspect of construction from the ground up.  He also acted as the general contractor on two projects gaining valuable knowledge for understanding the builder’s perspective. Bruce Wigton distinguishes himself from others in the design field by using his 28 year design experience, actual hands on experience and lastly, listening to the needs, wants, and preferences of the client and builder.